My New Role

I’ve been retired a year-and-a half now and I can tell you that the first year wasn’t easy. Fortunately, I had prepared for my career to end, mentally and financially. But my body was so used to the routine that in June and July, training camp months, I would just wake early and look at [...]

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Blast From the Past

A good running back in the NFL is a rare breed. The Los Angeles Rams have a heck of a tailback in Todd Gurley III, the 10th overall pick in the 2015 draft. In fact, in just 13 games this year, he has 1,637 yards from scrimmage. A true threat out of the backfield for the surging Rams. [...]

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A Time To Speak

This past weekend, I took it upon myself to travel to Washington D.C. to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture, as they celebrated their first anniversary. I picked this weekend's voyage because I needed to see first hand what my ancestors endured so I could speak to the root of the issue [...]

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AP, Marshawn and the State of the Running Back

I’ve seen the headlines. There are going to be some big names at the running back position wearing new uniforms in 2017. Adrian Peterson to New Orleans. Marshawn Lynch to Oakland. I respect both of those guys for pursuing new opportunities. As much as fans are crazy about their respective teams, players are crazy about [...]

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Pats Fall in AFC Title Thriller in Denver

Steven Jackson scored his first career playoff touchdown, but the New England Patriots’ championship hopes came to an end on Sunday in the AFC Championship game.The Patriots fell to the Denver Broncos by a final score of 20-18, as the tenacious Denver pass rush kept Top Brady and the Patriots attack in check for most [...]

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Championship Opportunity Lies Ahead for SJ39

When Steven Jackson takes the field for Sunday’s AFC Championship game against the Denver Broncos, he’ll do so with his greatest career goal on the line.Steven revealed this week that the opportunity to play for a Super Bowl was the primary reason he chose to sign so late in the season with the New England [...]

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Pats Control Chiefs to Advance to AFC Championship

After a long wait, Steven Jackson finally got back on the field for some playoff action and his New England Patriots got past the Kansas City Chiefs to advance to the AFC Championship Game.Despite a game plan that didn’t feature much of a rushing-attack from Bill Belichick and his staff, S-Jax still saw the majority [...]

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SJ Returns To The Playoffs

The long wait for a postseason opportunity finally ends on Saturday for Steven Jackson.Nearly 11 years to the day of his last playoff game, as a St. Louis Rams rookie on January 15, 2006, SJ39 will take the field in the postseason once more, as a member of the New England Patriots as they host [...]

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SJ Scores, But Pats Drop Regular Season Finale

Steven Jackson scored his first touchdown in a New England Patriots uniform, but the banged-up Pats couldn’t pull out the road victory.Quarterback Tom Brady joined the list of the walking wounded in Boston on a rough afternoon for the New England offense. S-Jax scored the team’s only touchdown in a 20-10 defeat to the Miami [...]

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S-Jax Returns as Pats Fall in OT

The pregame butterflies, the competitive fire, the 60 minutes of emotion—it all came flooding back for Steven Jackson as he made his return to the football field for the New England Patriots on Sunday.S-Jax was eased back into action for the first time during the 2015-16 season, garnering 15 yards on seven carries. After a [...]

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