I Am

When Steven Jackson was 10 years old, he had a dream: To be an NFL running back. At the time, there was little to indicate that his dream had any chance of being realized. Yes, he was athletic. Yes, he was fast. Yes, he was fearless. But he was small, and a career in the National Football League was only a childhood fantasy. Still, Steven believed in his dream, so much so that he wrote a poem about it. Then, over the years that followed, he realized his vision of the future.

I Am
by Steven Jackson (age 10)

I am a NFL running back
I wonder if I will be great
I hear the crowd cheer
I see me scoring a touchdown
I want a Super Bowl ring
I pretend I’m a great running back
I feel like I’m a star
I touch the first place trophy
I worry we won’t win
I cry if I fell
I am a NFL running back
I understand some will be greater
I say what I mean
I dream to be the greatest
I try to be the best
I hope I’ll be remembered as one of the greatest
I am a NFL running back.