On this Super Bowl Sunday I feel compelled to share a story about the NFL dream within my family.

I have two family members that are younger than me that had their chance at chasing the NFL dream.

One had two training camps worth of experience with the Kansas Chiefs and the other a single week of training camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Then they saw me off in the not so far distance on top of my game. The shared dreams came with a single admission and the time in the arena sometimes isn’t how you plan. No matter how long you had a chance to compete and do what you love, you never worked a single day. The money gained doesn’t erase all problems. The fame only brings scars a few can heal from and the health only you can pray for, no matter how long we get to stay in the League.

The game of life at times gives you an unexpected onside kick and sometimes hits harder than a free runner coming on a blitz.

Replaying scenarios, wishing things played out differently changes nothing. Don’t beat yourself up about what was missed or taken away if that’s your story. Open hands receive a blessing, not a closed fist. The lesson is to change your game plan up so the next time opportunity comes you’re on point.

Now, as these two teams prepare to compete today, someone will win, and the other will lose and with that loss comes the birth of regrets.

All will go through transitions in life and I pray you all to get everything you’re missing but never forget you’re the trophy.