In his weekly segment with Las Vegas’s ESPN affiliate, Steven spoke candidly about his performance this past Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals, and how he felt on the field.

Here’s quick excerpt from his conversation, which you can listen to in its entirety in The Rush.

Q: Should you have been out there Sunday? Because it looked like you were still bothered by the injury, and you were very critical of your own performance.

SJax: The New England game, I pretty much knew I couldn’t go. The pain was too much, and wouldn’t allow me to be myself. I thought the extra week of rest, and taking it really light and easy last week in practice, I thought I’d be ready for Sunday. But come game time, the leg just wouldn’t allow me to explode through the hole, or even get started downfield, which makes me a sitting duck. I play the game so violent[ly]…[I’m a] downhill runner, it really takes away from my abilities on the field.

Again, you can listen to the entire interview here.