I’m a root worker
and I’ve known that
for a very long time.
What I mean by that
is we don’t always get
to see our seeds grow.
Painful yet true.
Now, I sit at a place
with a special view,
between the old and the new.
When the Rams won in ’99
the grapes on the vine
grew before my time.
A new vintage has been discovered.
The ‘21 Rams have emerged.
The League’s best. The seeds
I planted, a distant memory,
a hope for a legacy. Leaving myself
and not feeling myself and yet—
the young team and I share a certain thing.
From Stafford’s 12 years of letdown
to AD’s sense of urgency and ability to play
like he’s being judged on every down,
these are the Rams I wanted to be.
That was the Ram I tried to be.
These are the feelings that live
deep down, where once upon a time,
a dream took root—now a reality
that is not mine, but still, a gift
given by those who came after me.