A month ago I had the chance to speak with over 200 Oregon State student-athletes.

In that discussion, I shared with them the moment when my name went from being just a freshman on the team to a big name on campus. It was during my true freshman year (2001) against the USC team lead by a Pete Carroll coached team and defense headlined by Troy Polamalu. The two senior running backs in front of me went down in that game due to injury. I don’t know about you, but shit like that didn’t happen for me, my dream (not their injuries but my opportunity) had fallen in my lap, and my family was there because it was close to the house. I didn’t hesitate and I didn’t apologize I let my trust and my preparation do the rest.

I challenge the students in attendance to write down their goals in the mirror. That way it would be reminder to themselves what they were working towards, and once they approach certain milestones how that goal would become BOLD on its own and how the ones you may miss serve as a flashing light where improvement can be made.

The mirror serves as a reflection to own your wins and losses because the few that learn to do always find a way to the top.

Big win last week. But they are all big wins when the team wins as a whole.