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Taking Care of the Future

In my last blog entry, I wrote a little about one of my goals for this year, and that’s my goal of becoming a better me.That process has continued through the last few months, and it’s been awesome. It's kind of funny how, when you decide to make changes, you make progress and then you [...]

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A Better Me

Throughout the last several years of my NFL career, I've taken the time each offseason to take a trip to a different spot in the world and really immerse myself in the culture.Over the years, I've become a citizen of the world. I've been to so many wonderful places, and seen over 40 countries in [...]

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Why Running Backs Need Saving

Last month, we launched the Save the Running Back campaign and SaveTheRunningBack.org, and I have to thank those who gave it such a positive reception, and really supported this endeavor of mine. The reaction was so strong that it even surprised me a bit. I was most thrilled with the feedback from my peers. It actually [...]

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Now that the Atlanta Falcons and I have parted ways, I want to say thank you to the organization, and the entire city of Atlanta.In terms of what we hoped to accomplish as a team on the field, my time as a Falcon was a disappointment, but I will always be grateful for how the [...]

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Exploring Central America

At the end of every NFL season, I like to take some time to relax and recover, and embrace one of my other passions: travel.I ended up going to Central America this month because I’ve been giving thought to signing up for Spanish lessons. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve forgotten all the high [...]

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Looking Back: Steven’s 2014 Season In Review

The 2014 NFL season was one of highs and lows for Steven Jackson and the Atlanta Falcons.After a frustrating 2-5 start, the Falcons regrouped and rebounded, fighting to within one game of winning the NFC South crown and earning a playoff berth. While SJ39 and Atlanta ultimately fell short of that goal, they have plenty [...]

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Over the last couple of weeks, I've had an opportunity to step back from the 2014 season and think about the ups and downs of it. Like most seasons in my career, there were some highs and lows.One thing you can continue to see is that the NFL is forever changing. But I've really focused [...]

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As a player in the National Football League, I look at it as a privilege to play on Monday night the way we are this evening against the Green Bay Packers.Any game in primetime is special. You want to go out and play really great football. You always want to bring your A-game.But on Monday [...]

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It's kind of hard to believe that at 4-6, we're sitting in first place in the NFC South, but that's kind of the way it's been in my career. This NFL journey of mine is always taking me on twists and turns. I've always had to face great odds. I've always had to face an [...]

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The Team We Are

After six games in this 2014 NFL season, we are not where want to be or where we expected to be as a team.As a whole, we're disappointed in our record. But we are better than a 2-4 squad. That's one thing about this team that is very unique compared to ones that I've been [...]

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