At the end of every NFL season, I like to take some time to relax and recover, and embrace one of my other passions: travel.

I ended up going to Central America this month because I’ve been giving thought to signing up for Spanish lessons. I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve forgotten all the high school lessons I’ve learned. I’m also interested in the Mayans, and wanted to learn more about their culture.

I’m currently in Antigua, Guatemala. I started my trip 10 days ago in Panama City. I was there for three days, and then in Nicaragua for six — three nights in Granada, three on the beach on the Pacific side. I also love photography, so I decided to share a few of my pictures with everyone.

Trying to capture Central America through my lens.

Catching a flight to get an aerial view of the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal from the sky.

Anytime I get a chance to zip line in the jungle it’s a must for me. This was in Nicaragua.

Out cruising Lake Nicaragua and came across a place known by locals as Monkey Island.

Taking in the sunset of Mombacho volcano.