The best Madden highlights of Steven Jackson were compiled thousands of miles and an ocean away from the Edward Jones Dome.

Lee Gaskell of Ramsbottom, England — you read that correctly, he's from a town called Ramsbottom — put together an epic highlight reel of SJ39. It won for its near-cinematic quality, its editing, and the way it represented Steven's actual playing style.

Lee shared some of his thoughts about the creation of the video, and being a fan of the NFL's best running back.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m a computer programmer (no surprise there ha) and St. Louis Rams follower from Ramsbottom, just outside Manchester, England. I started following the Rams as the greatest show on turf took off and have been hooked ever since through the highs and the lows. Have been coming across for the last two years to see Rams games, taking in away games at 49ers then at the Titans. Am coming to see the first two games this year vs Cardinals(first time at the Dome YES!) and @Oakland so play hard and GO RAMS!

Lee Gaskell, arguably England's best SJ39 fan (courtesy Lee Gaskell).

Q: How'd you decide to put your highlight reel together?

A: The highlights i used had to show all aspects of Steven's game because he is one of the most versatile, every down backs in the league. Had to show the incredible beast power SJAX has by showing some where he runs defenders over, as well as the agility to leave defences in his wake with some sweet cuts/spin moves and also adding the duel threat he possesses by including some receiving highlights in there. Tried to mix it up to keep it interesting through out by showing the non game footage at the start allowing the music to build. Then adding the highlights while the track is in full swing including game footage from lots different stadiums and weather conditions. Which all leads to the celebration footage at the end including the player of the game segment (it's all about production at the end of the day).

Q: Is everyone in Ramsbottom by definition a Rams fan?

A: No. It was just the [best] team at the time I first took interest into the sport. My best friend is a Titans fan — guess the year we started watching. It's difficult not to sit up and notice when a team is loaded with Warner, Faulk, Bruce and Holt. Sadly, there are no other Rams fans that I know of in the area, although I am in the process of showing the light to my girlfriend by taking her to the games this year.