Earlier this week, members of Steven Jackson's fan club were given the opportunity to share with their thoughts about Steven's accomplishments this season, his selection to the Pro Bowl, and anything else S-Jax related. 

The response was astounding. What was amazing about the e-mails was more than simply the number of them, but the wide range of people who decided to write in. They included die-hard football enthusiasts, blown away by Steven's skills and leadership; families grateful for a true role model for their children; and a woman who found inspiration in No. 39's resiliency when it came to fighting an illness.

SJ39 during the Rams' win over Detroit (St. Louis Post-Dispatch).

We have selected the best of e-mails, and as a tribute to you, Steven's incredible fans, we have published them here on www.SJ39.com. We know that we speak for S-Jax when we say that your support could not be more appreciated, both now and in the future.

(Note: Messages have been published as sent, including the name of the author as submitted through the site, without grammatical corrections.)


Dear Steven,

Congratulations on making the Pro-Bowl this year – what a great way to acknowledge your accomplishments! My husband has been a fan of the Rams for years (how many NJ natives do you know of who have PSLs at the Dome) – and he started teaching me about football several years ago. You were the first player I looked out for – the way you carry people when you move down the field is awesome! We drove out in Oct but the barricades had been moved, so we couldn't meet you, but I hope we can one day.. we plan another trip next year. Take pride in what you mean to the Rams organization – and how you are viewed as such a strong leader. All the best to you, Steven – you deserve it!

Bob and Kathy Giegrich


Thank you Steven Jackson for another outstanding year with the Rams you are by far the best Running back in the NFL. Keep up the hard work I know you and the Rams will be in the playoffs next year looking to capture a Superbowl Ring. everytime I watch you play I know something great will happen with your power and speed you truely are the IDEAL running back you are my idol I hope one day I can be like you. good luck next season ill be at the games cheering you and the Rams on…… I BELIEVE

Michael Fitta


Hi Steven –

Thank you for the incredible season you have had this year! What makes it truly remarkable — and why you are definitely the best running back in the NFL — is that despite facing the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of being the Rams' sole offensive weapon, you have had your best season ever. The Rams' opponents this year have focused all 11 players on defense on stopping you, but through your sheer talent, willpower, and determination, have game-in, game-out, given the team everything you have, and put up statistics that rival those of other elite running backs who have great supporting casts to help on offense and share the work load — something which you have not had the luxury of this season.

Keep up your amazing play!

Steven Jackson, thank you for your excellent season!

Eric Cerda


Dear Steven,

I would like to personally thank you for your heart and dedication to the team this year. You efforts yere second to no-one in my opinion. I have yet to see someone put forth as much effort in anything as you did this seasion with the Ram's.

My boy's always enjoy waching you in the games, and we also enjoyed waching you in the open training camp's at Ram's Park. They kinda compaired you to the HULK, I told them you were bigger…. Sir it's been an honer and pleasuer waching you and congrat's in the Pro Bowl and we hope to see you wearing the "Big Blue's" for quite some time.

C.J. Smith
Phil. 2:14


I would like to thank you for sharing a part of your life with the public with your online series, "In the Life." Watching you play week in week out, it is easy to forget that you are human. I also appreciate how professional you conduct your business. As a fan, it is no secret that you are in a tough spot, where your team's effort does not match its record. Yet you give all that you have. As a Sun Devil and Cardinal fan, seeing you in the backfield causes me some grief. But I have to admit that I respect the way you conduct your business on and off the field. Good luck to you and your loved ones, you are appreciated in AZ.

Michael Miranda


Steven Jackson, you were an absolute man this year. Even though you play for a team who is not doing very well right now, you are putting up amazing numbers. What makes you even more amazing, is that every week you play a game, the opponent knows that you are the main source of offense, and that you will get the ball more than anyone, and you still put up beast numbers. Congrats on your second pro bowl, you really deserved it, more than anyone in my opinion.

Yazan Rahhal


Mr. Jackson,

I've been a Rams fan since 1978 and represent the 2nd generation of 3 generations of Rams fans in my family. I want to say THANK YOU for your effort, determination, professionalism and leadership during a long season.
Your follow my lead attitude has been an inspiration to ALL football fans!Keep up the hard work and we all will see great things from the Rams as a whole as you continue to inspire your teammates and fans!


Gregory Price


Steven, i would just like to thank you for your consistant effort and the never say die attitude that you have displayed all season long. Your vigerous work effort this offseason obvioulsley has done wonders, and put you at the top of the NFL running backs. You have never given up on the team dispite the poor play and that i greatly admire abut you. You seem to be very level headed and for professional athelets these days that is rare. You are my favorite player and an inspiration to me as a person. You are my hero and i thank you for everything you have done on and off the field. Have fun in Miami and good luck and god bless through the rest of your carrer.



I have known Steven and followed him his entire Football career. I was a member of the coaching staff when first begin playing football in Pop Warner (Bandits). I watched him excel in High School and College. Steve is a great athlete and a great person. I personally know his Mom and Dad. He has very strong family support and his off the field actions are comparible to his talents. He is very intellegent and well liked by those who know him.
During the summer before the season started I predicted him to be the best running back in the league and to me he has achieved that goal. Good Job Big Steve!!! I know that you will continue to reach higher heights on and off the field. God Bless.

Coach Ron Matlock


First – I sincerely hope your back gets better soon. Steven you are a fabulous running back. Even with the Rams on a non-winning streak you play with heart and give it everything without whining. Please stay this way, I believe Steve Spag. will turn things around, but he needs you and the Rams fans need you.

Steven you are such an inspiration to so many and to me personally. I have a rare bone marrow disease called myelofibrosis. Seeing you get out there and play with everything you have, helps me get up and give it everything that I have.

Good luck in the pro bowl, I will be watching you play. Thanks for all of the inspiration and the yardage. I hope you will be a RAM for many years to come. If not, I will still root for you and you will still be an inspiration to me.

Diana Tebo


Congratulations on your pro bowl selection! You sure deserve it. I am a true Rams fan that watch's every game even through season's like this. I can't stand people who say they are Rams fans during the greatest show on earth and then don't watch or root for the Rams during bad years. I would also like to say I always listen to you on ESPN radio on mondays and I can tell you are a TRUE ram and a GREAT ROLE MODEL. It has been a pleasure to watch how you have matured and become one of the best running backs of all time. KEEP RUNNING AND PLEASE STAY A RAM !

Steven Reiss



I am from NJ and met you at training camp this year in Earth City. You were gracious enough to let me get a photo of you and a few seconds of your time since the autograph sessions were timed. I attended the first preseason game at Giants stadium when you played the Jets. At the end of the game a security guard came over to me-1St row seats and flipped me a cap you were wearing on the sidelines that night. The cap was sweaty and autographed by you. Could it be that you recognized me from camp that night? I am a 45 year old fan for life and could not believe the generocity you displayed in allowing such a piece of your life- a game worn cap.You are an example of a true professional athlete. Not only should children look up to you, but other adults and athletes should follow in your footsteps and be a kind person to all! See you next training camp!!

Rich Lemin



I want to let you know how much my family and I appreciate you and your work each and every Sunday. We are dedicated Rams fans who bleed blue and gold, and although our team is going through some growing pains, you have continually proven week after week that you are in the upper echelon of NFL players, as well as quite possibly being the best back in the NFL. All the while, you remain in a class by yourself. I can be proud to point to you as a shining example of what a football player should be when talking to my young son about the game, with your dedication to the community, to us, the fans, and to yourself as well as the game.

From myself, my son (JJ), and my wife (Jessica), congratulations Steven on all of your accomplishments this year and your pro bowl election. There's nobody that deserves it more!

God Bless and much continued success,
The Mayfield Family


I've been a rams fan since 1980 and i can say your the best back ive seen. the toughness of walter payton and the smarts of marshall faulk. thanks for keeping it going during these tuff past seasons. one love


Hi Steven – Congratulations to my all-time favorite athlete on your Pro Bowl selection! You may not remember signing my #39 jersey at J. Buck's last year, but I will always remember it. I wear it proudly to every game. You were so kind to everyone that night, and you certainly have shown your great character this year. Through it all, you have been an amazing example for both the young Rams players and the fans. Your heart and hard work have made this year worth it for us. Thank you! Keep up the great work, and I hope to meet you again someday. Best wishes to you and your family.



SJ… Thank you for being a stand up guy during this trying season. You could have easily brought drama like alot of other stars do. Your a good person as well as a great athlete.

Fred Ryan


Congratulations on a phenomenal achievement this year. I had the opportunity to meet you in person a little over two years ago and I was struck by how humble and personable you were. Since that time, my family and I have become the BIGGEST SJax fans around. Though the team's record doesn't reflect the blood, sweat and tears that were spent this season, the EFFORT was apparent from day one. Your achievements this year deservedly place you in the Pro Bowl along with the other greats of today's game. Your determination and heart provide hope that brighter days are just around the corner for Rams and SJAX fans.

Anthony Shanks


Hey SJ, i just want to say thanks for being there for us. ive been a life long rams fan so i really appreciate what you do for the team the nfl and the fans. You are an animal on the field . alot of running backs of your status would be wanting to give up and go to a team with a winning record. You are one of the many reasons i am and always will be proud to be a rams fan! p.s congrats on the pro bowl. hope to see ya play.

Jeremy Bell


Growing up as a Oregon Ducks fan, I have to admit that Steven was someone I hated very much. Every time he touched that ball, he was a threat, and in the Civil War games, that was never good. When the Rams drafted him, I was shocked, but still pleased. I am glad to see that Steven has only gotten better since his college days and is, in my opinion, the best back in the NFL. Most people look at the numbers and assume the Chris Johnson is the better back, but watching Johnson's veteran blockers tells the entire story to Johnson's success. Steven is everything you look for in a back. He can run people over, run around people, and he can catch out of the backfield. On top of that his off-the-field etiquette speaks volumes to the kind of player that he is.

Steven, thank you for all your contributions to the St. Louis Rams and, by extension, to the fans. Keep doing what you do.

Stephen Dickerson


No matter what the record, or the score, Steven Jackson still gave it his all every single down. Thank you.

Kory Alexander



Thanks for your Pro Bowl level of play this season, outstanding. I watched your web site videos and with what I saw of the support of your family, they have got to be so very proud of you. Your tussle on the field was a good thing for the team and fans to see of your never back down style of football. In an era of football where a player is penalised or fined for showing emotion on the field it was refreshing. I just can't imagine a Referee today penalising a few former St. louis Pro-Bowl players like Young, Banks, Dierdorf, and Dobler for showing emotion and spirit for the game. The way you haved played your kind of football in St. Louis, in my book puts you with those St. Louis legends. Congratulations on making the Pro-Bowl again and I look forward to watching you play next year.



Thank you for representing your alma mater so well in your NFL career. I had the pleasure of watching you develop and shine at Oregon State and you will always be a high water mark for Pac10 running backs. Inspite of a difficult  back injury this year, your number are approaching HOF calibre. I hope you get fully recovered in the off-season after the pro bowl and bust it wide open next year.

We are proud of you here in Corvallis and follow the Rams and your performance every Sunday.

Best to you in the new year.

John Mills


I've had the lucky opportunity to meet Steven a few times over his past years as a St. Louis Ram. Steven is one of the prime examples of a first class player, and most importantly, a first class person. He exemplifies all of  the characteristics you look for in a leader both on and off the field. Congrats on a great year Steven!

Drew Brucker


Hey Steven, I would like to thank you for everything you've done this season.
Your work ethic and attitude was incredible. You constantly battled against 8 man fronts but never complained and put up outstanding yardage totals. 1600+ total yards? Amazing! Most impressive was you battling through the flu and the herniated disc against the Texans and still mustering 123 yards. You've had an incredible season, and I'm sure I speak for all your fans when I say I am looking forward to watching you again next year because in my mind, you are the most talented back in the NFL.

Fritz Jacobson


I am so proud to wear my #39 jersey this year. Our team hasn't done well, but my favorite player rocked the field regardless. I have been proud every single game to see how #39 dominates. It would be easy not to do as well while playing for a team that has not brought home many wins, but our guy works his butt off every single game, no matter what and that is the mark of a true champion. I respect the ability and the dedication of such a man. I would love to shake your hand, Steven. You are truly a champion!

Cheryl Moffett


I've been a rams fan since I was born and we have had our ups and downs for sure, but one bright spot we have been able to depend the past years is number 39. Steven Jackson never fails to give hope not only with his play but with his lifestyle and words for those who follow along on Twitter. He shows that no matter how gloomy the day there's another opportunity just around the corne and no matter what as long as your given it your best nothing can hold you back. So I'd like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Jackson for you have inspired me to do my best no matter what the influences around me are trying to get me to do I will not give up or give in because I'm not trying if I'm my stride is not to be the best and that's something I learned from you. Have a great final game and a fun pro bowl thank you again and God Bless.

Ruben Gutierrez


This was a rough year for the St Louis Rams it looked promising in the off season the fans were in & ready for football. Steven Jackson you were great at being a true leader in tough times & a tough season, we witnessed blowouts but not a quitter & that was you every run was determination & passion. Coach Spagnola has a great team captain in you, your 1st TD had fans going crazy & it came w a victory. Thank you for keeping the season positive & the fans still have faith in the team congratulations on the Pro Bowl spot you deserve it & we love the tweets from you @sj39

Nick Anglin


If you were to ask me my thoughts on Steven Jackson I could jaw your ear off, but I will do my best to keep this simple and to the point. For anyone who has been a Rams fan Steven Jackson has been the bright spot to this team for years. Over the past few seasons the Rams have not been considered the Greatest Show On Turf but have turned into a last place team for consecutive years. In the NFL if you see this happen you always have the big talent who wants out. Who simply cannot produce without his supporting cast. This however has not been the case with Steven Jackson. When most players don't show up in hopes of getting traded Steven didn't show up until he was given more years in St Louis. While big name players are having highlight reels and heading to the playoffs you don't hear the praise of number 39. People who don't pay attention to this franchise don't often see when on 1st and 10 from our own 1 Jacksons says give me the ball i'll get us out to wrestle 3 defenders for a gain of 10. They don't see 39 rallying the troops and being a mentor to the younger guys. With an injured veteran quarterback, and one wide receiver in his second plus year all 11 defenders know exactly who will get the ball. This role has been embraced by Jackson. On and off the field he is truly an inspiration and no jersey deserves to step into the pro bowl more than 39.

Andrew Lopez


I just want to say Thank You to SJ for his dedication to the Rams. I have been a Rams fan for 32 years and have never seen such professional dedication to himself and his team until now. He is a great example of what a football player and a human being should be.

Keven Winkles