Steven and the Rams went head-to-head with one of the NFL's best teams on Sunday, the undefeated New Orleans Saints. SJ39 reached the end zone for the second straight game and the Rams nearly pulled off the biggest upset of the season.

Though the Rams fell short, the game's results were a hot topic this week and no group was more excited then No. 39's Twitter Nation. Hundreds of tweets poured in to SJ offering encouragement and support as the Rams keep rising.

Steven responded to the support with gratitude toward his Twitter family:

"Thx u all for the supportive tweets."

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!

dhawk88 @sj39 I've never been more proud after a Rams loss.. Heart breaker but one HELL OF A GAME… Keep yo heads up.. Watch out for STL!

Jmarkharper @sj39 You guys played really well. Something to build upon. Left that game with bigtime respect from one of the best teams.

Nathankemp @sj39 I'm really proud to be a Rams fan today. You guys played right with the best team in the NFL today.

Jharristeacher @sj39 Just got home from the game (Rams game) Several words came to my mind….relentless, unyielding and PROUD!!!…you never gave up.

@sj39, your leadership & effort are turning the ship around. Someday you'll look back on the tough days while wearing a Ring and the Horns.

In honor of S-Jax's Oregon State Beavers climbing into the top 25 of the BCS Standings (No. 19) this week and to highlight the overall outpouring of support by all of SJ39's fans this week, we also selected 25 additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

jacenallen @sj39 Don't ever underestimate Steven Jackson and the STL rams! 26 Carries131 yards and a TD! They fight against every1 undefeated or not!

le_seus @sj39 you are a beast. Eventhough I'm a 9ers fan was pullin for you guys today. You are fun to watch run man.

kittybawler @sj39 hang in there SJ…we loved your fight + spirit. you are setting great examples.

PackerPapaPete @sj39 keep your head up man, good things will come. U played a great team and almost pulled it out, no moral victories but good to see.

supamike36 @sj39 keep ya head up man,rams gonna turn it around.stl needs you 2 b a leader in these tuff times.i got faith

_BabyT @sj39 Keep your head up man yall played awesome I'm proud of ya it hurts but it was a step forward and as a Ram fan I am proud of the effort

bradleysabin @sj39 keep ur head up. the team played hard today. game could have gone either way. better days are on the horizon.

RevellWriting @sj39 fantastic effort against one of the leagues best teams though, shows any given Sunday still holds true

MFSuperman28 @SJ39 whatever that doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. That was a great game vs a great team. lets get a W vs Arizona now. I believe.

jbrack @sj39 Proud of you guys, seriously. Keep your heads up.

alxvergara @sj39 I have so much respect for u I know u work hard every week you guys almost had em today good fight!

garrettallen @sj39 you did awesome took like 6 saints to take you down. The improvement is amazing.

fonz23 @sj39 u guys played extremely well against a good team. i speak for all @sj39 and rams fans when i say we r proud of u guys. GO RAMS!!!!

thebrewz23 @sj39 Great game today. You looked physical and ran really well. The squad is coming along. Keep up the positive effort! Peace!

harkdulai @sj39 this teams character and heart should never be questioned. And that starts with you.

ohhmyonlinenet RT: @sj39 Thx u all for the supportive tweets.<–You'll always be #1 in our book…You and the Guys played an awesome game…Go Rams 😉

djjoncowan RT @sj39: That one hurt.. Dude again you showed your NFL MVP calaber and that the rams are closer to glory then anyone imagined. Head up man

ceegee34 @sj39 I hope you are a Ram for the duration of your career. Rams Nation absolutely loves you!

ALBANYTURF @sj39 "Action Jackson," you truly lived up to you nickname today. Seriously one of the best efforts i've ever seen a football player put in.

Eviltweety88 @sj39 u r so much fun 2 watch! 100% effort 100% of the time-hope u don't mind being a role model 4 young players!

stevekrier @sj39 great game today, congrats on becoming rams third all time rusher

ottoman89 @sj39 Today got the fanbase very excited. Very excited for the future, I'm glad your our leader. I LOVE that you want to stay n' help build.

htphelps @sj39 You're so much fun to watch. Even if you weren't on my fantasy team, I'd tune in to see you play any day. Congrats on the milestone.

mnm706 @sj39 Outstanding yet again! Just a pleasure to watch every week! Pieces of the Rams puzzle starting to fit together, Keep the Faith!!!!

pikebishop @sj39 Thanks for all of your hard work 39. I for one can say that I appreciate your passion & dedication.The wins will come & I'll be there.

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