Steven showed passion, drive and desire in Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. S-Jax fought hard for every yard he gained and did his best to get the Rams their first win. After the game, his fans showed their appreciation for his hard work on Twitter.

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!


ExileArin @sj39 You are the heart of our team. I am proud to put on your jersey every Sunday. Tough loss today, but you guys played great.

WR_83 @sj39 GREAT run at the end. u need to charge the Jags bus fare for giving them a ride like that! God Bless!

WillBufe @sj39 Great game, yesterday. There's nothing I appreciate more as a fan than seeing a guy play his hardest.

jacenallen @sj39 Uguys fought hard 2day,and i know that no1 is gnna think that u cn beat the Colts,bt if u believe and keep fighting nething is pssible

melissagold @sj39 Amazing job yesterday! It is as if you FIGHT for every single yard. Keep up the good fight.

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

TrojAnthony @sj39 Thank you so much for the effort/heart yesterday.You guys are so close! Don't lose faith, that W (and many more) coming soon! Go Rams!

BucFanFish @sj39 Keep fighting. As the team leader, your effort and attitude will be and is infectious to the rest of the team. Nice job.

StLRamsFan @sj39 Dude, you were like a freight train. Love the positive attitude. Hang in there…

desabo @sj39 You can hold your heads up high. YOU ALL DID GREAT BY ME!!…Failure is not defeat it is learning how. Good Morning !

Diverdown64 @sj39 You did a fantastic job! We Rams fans Love the hard work and dedication! Hopefully it will all pay off soon!

Rodeez @sj39 good game yesterday SJ39..sorry the boys took the "L" in a close one. Glad Bulger is back!

aflores25 @sj39 great game yesterday. We appreciate your hard work!

stlbamma40 @sj39 Yesterday in the game you ran with a lot of heart and determination atually I thought everyone played a good game, good game

MFSuperman28 @sj39 good work the other day. you are by far among the elite RBs and football players right now in the league

theramsfan39 @sj39 I loved how you stepped it up in the receiving game this week! The effort you and the Rams put out weekly is amazing! W's will come!!

andreamw Mad props to @sj39 for the amazing run in the fourth quarter with about six defenders draped all over you.

VivaElBirdos @sj39 is such a monster

IHEARTMIKO @sj39 saw the nice run yesterday! keep ya head up & stay positive, we love you!

bradhunter12 Tough to lose that one with all the injuries & stellar games and effort by both Little & @sj39 #stlrams

funnyraymond @sj39 the other team got lucky bro, dont worry about it, your performance today was spectacular 50 rush yrds and 78 receving! amazing bro!