Though the St. Louis Rams fell to the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday, fans of No. 39 were quick to have his back, tweeting words of encouragement to S-Jax in the days after the loss.

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!


AbrantesRabbit @sj39 Really admire the effort all of you put in day in and day out, even when the W isn't there. Nothing but faith in you and the team.

SJax39_Fan @sj39 Great game today! You ran hard from the first snap to the last…Almost broke the Vikings record of no rusher for 100+ yards

theramsfan39 @sj39 Thank you for the amazing effort you put in every sunday!

TheRedAlert @sj39 I don't know if anyone is running harder or with more fire. Much respect. Better times ahead!

Eugenemanalo @sj39 These games young teams learn the most from. Learn from this and keep fighting. You still got die hard fans behind ya & cheering u on!

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

200withnobrakes @sj39 you ran really hard this past sunday. im looking for a huge game this coming week.

patycake15 @sj39 my son came up with this combination. 🙂 You guys will bounce back. Keepin' the faith!

AzN_BaLLeR @sj39 u did great vs great run D! You are a awesome RB!

djjoncowan @sj39 keep doing what you do dog. You are the man. The best complete RB in the NFL in this mans opinion. Saw good thngs from the team ths wk

funnyraymond @sj39 great game bro! 84 yards rushin, 25 receiving, you still the boss! tough loss though, just keep tryin and you'll win for sure!

SuicideSports @sj39 Solid outing SJ39. Just gotta get team doin' same.

ohhmyonlinenet Big ups to @sj39 for stopping to sign autographs for those kids when purple walked passed them…That's how the RAMS do it..Get'em;-)

ag324 @sj39 You are 4th in the league in rushing, if you had some offensive help you would easily break some records man.

kentgiard Hang tough; The score doesn't reflect the progress you guys are making! (@donnieavery @KeenanBurton @laurentrobinson @sj39 @LL91 @ojrams21)

PaulMurph92 @sj39 Hard Luck yesterday.Again another wonderful hard-hitting running game from you.Keep the chin up and we will get the win next week.