After Sunday's game, Steven took to Twitter to let the fans know that despite the loss, he and the Rams will continue to fight.

@SJ39 Tough loss Ram fans.. Promise to keep grinding. Our/ my spirit will not be broken, I promise u that.

The response from the fans was an outpouring of support for Steven and his teammates.

Each week, when appropriate, will highlight the best tweets sent to Steven on Sunday, including the top five as selected by the site's editors. Top five finishers get their Twitter accounts linked from!


Kentgiard @sj39 Dude, seriously…that was a fantastic effort. Chin up, you guys have a lot to be proud of! Next step? Turn the corner and grab a W!

Djjoncowan @sj39 your the man. Keep strong Man. Best running back in the league IMO and with the new staff the rams will be back. Stay positve.

Bradevetts @sj39 Glad to see some of the kinks being worked out. I had fun watching the game. Your attitude is an inspiration!

ottoman89  @sj39 Helluva game brotha, you made a lot out of nothing. You kept cool and played like a true champ, good things will come. Our FUTURE.

TrojAnthony @sj39 Great effort today Steven! You ran like a beast! Keep your head up, trust the Lord, and beat Green Bay Next week! Go RAMS!!!

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

sgtdebo @sj39 Great game Steven! Keep grinding it out like that and we'll get some winners soon.

Gmoney_hilde @sj39 nothing but love from O-State-we know ur spirit cannot broken

jbscribbles @sj39 very proud of the teams effort today. big strides made and plenty of reason for optimism. get that first W at the dome next week.

harkdulai @sj39 I see a lot of fight in this team. I am proud to be a rams fan.

bruthereli @sj39:I saw you doing yo thang tho. I think the all purpose yardage record may fall at your hands & feet

MrJAZ12 @sj39 I'm extremely proud of u guys. That was a tough physical game and u guys showed great effort as a team ! Good game!

Justice4Rams @sj39 Good work today. The wins will come!

RavenMadd @sj39 …brother I loved the way you played anyhow ….no quit!

theramsfan39 @sj39 You did awsome today, great job on that big gain!

StlMike80 @sj39 good lookin today… Team played hard, excited about future in STL

Alvarezz144 @sj39 played good out there today…still the best power back in the game

Joe_Ritchey @sj39 You guys are definitely better than last year, playing with a lot of heart and effort. You'll get there. Go Rams!

funnyraymond @sj39 dont worry, ill always be rooting for you, keep grinding like you doin now and you guys will be great.. good luck

Ericstl6 I'll also say that @sj39 looked like he wanted to put the team on his shoulders! That is indeed what I wanna see from him

taysdadd @sj39 tough loss yes, but love the effort the team puts on the field this year. The future is bright Steven. We are with you.

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