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Steven was officially ruled out for the Rams’ game against the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday after missing a second consecutive practice on Thursday.

“Coach (Haslett) allowed me a day off,” Jackson said Wednesday. “We had pretty good work three days straight, Monday through Wednesday. Today the leg was a little swollen and a little stiff.

“They took the cautious approach and let me take the day off and see what it feels like tomorrow and see if I am able to practice again.”

Apparently, not much had changed Thursday as Steve was forced to sit again.

“He’s not putting (his leg) into the ground and exploding off of it,” coach Jim Haslett said. “And, that’s the big thing. Until he does it, he’s not going to be very effective.”

SJax’s injury has been very frustrating for him, as he would like nothing more than to be able to contribute and help his teammates from the field, not the sideline. But the reality is, this quad injury is no mild strain; this injury is serious, and it won’t heal right away. Until it does, SJ will have to sit and wait.

“As a football player, you are always taught that you can play hurt, but not injured,” Jackson said. “We’ve been treating it as me being hurt, and maybe we should it treat as I’m injured.”

Steven reiterated that he doesn’t blame the Rams’ medical staff or anyone else for the length of his recovery time.

“I don’t blame anyone,” Jackson said. “I don’t blame the staff or coaching staff because I want to get out there more than anybody. Maybe I have just have to sit myself down and kind of allow it to heal itself.”

In response to questions about his durability, Steven noted his health in college and that the strength and speed of NFL players causes more injuries.

“I did not miss a game in college,” Jackson said. “The NFL season is long. You have bigger and faster guys hitting on you.

“It is a different speed from the amateur ranks and injuries are a part of the game,” Jackson said. “That is why you have backups, so you can’t get down on yourself and you can’t wonder why you are hurt.”

“You just have to fight through it.”

Steven will have to root his teammates on from his home in St. Louis, as he is not joining the team on their flight to San Fran, electing to stay home and recover instead. Hopefully a full weekend of R&R will get Steve’s quad back up to par.

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  1. Anonymous November 18, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Huge fan Steven Jackson, I know you didn’t plan on being out this long with that thigh injury and I know you want to be out there helping the Rams because they need you out there. Your my favorite player in the NFL today and have been since you came into the league and when I see you on the field running the ball the way you do there is nobody better! The team has be struggling heavily for the pass couple of years but I know you guys are a good football team, so hang in their, better days will come I can feel it. As far as the thigh injury just don’t chance it any more until you know you are 100 percent and you can go and help the Rams get some more wins. Man I wish you and the Rams the best of luck down the road fo real!!!!!!

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