Steven Jackson’s workouts aren’t for the faint of heart, but this summer one lucky fan got to experience one first hand.

Jonathan Keenum gets ready for his workout with Steven at CIHP (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Earlier this summer, SJ39 launched the inaugural Workout Like Me, Workout With Me contest. Steven asked fans to watch a clip of a Steven Jackson workout, create a parody of it and send it to Steven. The creator of the best parody would get a chance to work out with Action Jackson himself in St. Louis.

Out of the many entries, the winner was Jonathan Keenum of Huntsville, Alabama. Jonathan is an aerospace engineering major at the University of Alabama-Huntsville Check out his winning entry video below:

Steven flew Jonathan and his brother David out to St. Louis in mid-July for their workout. On July 16th and 17th the three men, along with Steven’s nephew Deonte, a running back at the University of Idaho, worked out at the Central Institute for Human Performance in Kirkwood, Missouri.

“I was expecting him to go pretty easy on us, but that didn’t happen,” Keenum told WHNT News. “He pushed us pretty hard. It was a good workout. I played football at Ardmore [High School] several years ago and those were some pretty good workouts. These were right up there with those…. He wore us out. My upper body was sore for about four days after that.”

The four men went through a number of different workouts to emphasize different areas of the body. Check out their workout, filmed by Jonathan Keenum:

The trip wasn’t all work for Jonathan and David. Steven also took the guys to Six Flags St. Louis and a couple great dinners for their hard work.

SJ39 and his guests Jonathan and David Keenum pose for a Twitpic at Six Flags (SJ39 Twitter).

The inaugural Workout Like Me, Workout With Me contest was a great success and Steven can’t wait to do it again next year.