There were many entries, but in the end, there was only one video worthy of a weekend workout with Steven Jackson.

Selected from three finalists, Jonathan Keenum of Alabama distinguished himself with his entry in the Workout Like Me, Workout With Me Contest. Contestants were challenged to create a parody of this video of Steven training

Keenum's, visible below, came out on top.

As the winner, Keenum will spend an upcoming weekend training with No. 39 in St. Louis, Missouri, where the three-time Pro Bowl running back has promised to "take it easy on him."

Steven explained his reasons for selecting Keenum's entry.

"I actually watched this one a couple of times," he said. "I love the originality and his portrayal. Kind of reminded me of my Nike 'Leave Nothing' campaign."

Kind of.

As Keenum detailed in the video description on YouTube, there was some work that went into the construction of his SJ39 costume.

"There is a black Spiderman muscle-suit under the jersey and pants, and I only had one glove, so think of it as a Michael Jackson tribute built in to the video."

Keenum, 22, is currently a student at the University of Alabama Huntsville pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering. As he detailed, he became a Rams fan during the days of the Greatest Show on Turf, and a Steven Jackson fan when No. 39 entered the league.

"Of course I was very excited when the Rams drafted Jackson to go with [Marshall] Faulk in the backfield, but I never knew just how tough Jackson would become. What really makes me a fan is his desire and passion for the game, never giving up on a play and getting those few extra inches, and what makes it even better is his class act off the field."