Training Camp is underway for the Atlanta Falcons and it is the first camp in Atlanta for Steven Jackson.

As he begins his journey as a Falcon, Steven took some time out for the folks at Sports Illustrated to offer his thoughts for “10 Things I Think I Think” with Peter King for the new MMQB website.

Tuesday also happened to be Steven’s birthday and as he turned 30, what that means was chief among his thoughts.

  • 1. I think turning 30, which I did yesterday, feels like the perfect combination of maturity and youth. I realize how much I love to compete, and how much I love playing a child’s game for a king’s ransom.
  • 2. I think people who think 30-year-old backs are going downhill do not know me.

As he begins his first camp with the Atlanta Falcons, SJ39 had a lot on his mind.SJ39 also provided his thoughts on his decision to move on to Atlanta rather than returning to the Rams and leaving money on the table in the process, his passion for education and making sure all children receive it properly, his love for art and of course his love for the game of football.

  • 8. I think the hardest hit I ever took was from Lawyer Milloy when I was a rookie. I was used to overpowering kids in college, so I was running straight up. It was a cold December game in Buffalo, and there were maybe two yards left between me and the goal line. He hit me so hard I thought I was going to swallow my mouthpiece. That taught me a wise lesson: lower your shoulder pads.
  • 9. I think I love football because it brings so many different kinds of people together. It’s like life itself.

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