Protection of a player’s head is paramount in the NFL, where a concussion can happen in an instant. Steven Jackson knows this. So does Rawlings.

Steven Jackson will be protected by the new Rawlings NRG Quantum helmet on the NFL field in 2011.

So it only made sense for the two to partner up and embrace new helmet technology that will make the game of football better and safer. Steven has signed on to wear the Rawlings NRG Quantum, a state-of-the-art helmet for a state-of-the-art player. No. 39 will not only use the Rawlings helmet brand, he will also serve as a sounding board for ideas and improvements in the future.

“We’re excited to add Steven to our Football Advisory Staff as we continue our commitment to develop helmets that meet the protective needs of today’s athletes at all levels,” said Mike Thompson, Senior Vice President of Marketing for St. Louis-based Rawlings. “Watching Steven locally, we appreciate his hard-hitting, physical playing style and are excited to see him lead the evolution of the Rawlings Football brand. We recognize the factors of style, comfort and technology that Steven looks for in a helmet and the NRG Quantum meets his high-level demands.”

The most important thing for Steven is that the NRG Quantum offers superior protection to his head:

“I really like the fit and feel of the helmet, and I feel protected and secure when I wear it,” Jackson said. “I’m looking forward to being the face of Rawlings and their Quantum football helmet and increasing their presence in the NFL.”

The NRG Quantum helmet has many brand new features that focus on reducing impact on the head to protect the players who wear it. The Custom Comfort Cushion enables players to customize the fit of the helmet and features dual air bags and a proprietary venting and heat absorbing system.

Steven will wear the NRG Qunatum on the field this season.