Through his nine-year NFL career, Steven Jackson has learned a thing or two about how to regiment a workout to obtain a peak performance on the football field.

As he climbs the NFL’s rushing list and maintains a spot among the NFL’s elite runners, Men’s Fitness magazine wanted to know what Steven does to perform at a consistently high level. So writer Matthew Monagan caught up with Steven for a Q&A that is now featured on the magazine’s website:

MF: What kinds of routines do you go through during the week to get game ready? Do you have specific workout regimes you’ve followed every season?

SJ: As my career has progressed, my routines continue to change — although they haven’t altered too much since college. In season, I generally work out three times per week (Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays). Lately I’ve been focusing on my core. I do my strongman workout on Fridays, focusing on my glutes and quads. After games, I’ll also do a quick full-body lift — isolating my quads and hamstring.

MF: In the offseason, do your workouts change at all? Does your diet change?

SJ: I’ve always been a believer that the body needs rest in the offseason. In season, my workouts and diet are strict. During the offseason, my diet is more lax and my training isn’t as intense. Although I do work out four times a week, I work more on my cardio and explosion, rather than pure strength.

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