Steven Jackson always enjoys engaging football fans on Twitter and one of the topics he's most passionate about is the past, present and future of the running back position in the NFL.

Ranking 16th on the NFL's all-time rushing list after completing his 11th season in the league, SJ39 has great reverence for the men who paved the way for him at the position. And in the days leading up to Super Bowl XLIX, a conversation with fans prompted him to honor the select few running backs who have been awarded Super Bowl MVP.

It didn't take long for fans to respond. Fans were already tweeting back even before SJ revealed the first honoree: Miami Dolphins great Larry Csonka.

Up next: Pittsburgh Steelers legend and Hall of Famer Franco Harris, who romped for 158 yards in Super Bowl IX.

After Harris came Super Bowl XVII MVP John Riggins—and Washington Redskins fans loved reveling in the memories of Riggo.

After the Redskins legend came a man who beat the D.C. squad in Super Bowl XVIII. One of the greatest of all time: Marcus Allen.

Following Allen was former New York Giant Ottis Anderson, who sits alongside SJ39 on the 10,000-yard rusher list.

Next came a Dallas Cowboys legend and the NFL's all-time rushing leader: Emmitt Smith.

Closing the list was Terrell Davis: one of the most talented running backs of the modern era, who also had maybe the best nickname a RB can have.

Steven ended his #RBMVP session with a prediction that, just maybe, runner No. 8 would be added to the SB MVP list.

His prediction was just about one yard from coming true. Had Marshawn Lynch run in the game-winning touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks, he would've likely been the MVP with 103 yards and two scores. Maybe next year.