March is here and that means new year for the NFL has begun. With that in mind Steven Jackson is in New York City making the media rounds.

On Thursday afternoon, SJ39 made several stops in the city that never sleeps, to do interviews for news and print. Of course Steven first had to get the public’s opinion on his style choices.

From there it was on to the interviews. Steven stopped in at the Wall Street Journal, where he sat down with Lee Hawkins for a one-on-one.

Then SJ made his way to the SI studios to join Maggie Gray for an on-camera segment.

After those stops, Steven headed over to Fox News headquarters, where he stopped in for an interview with Geraldo Rivera that will air Sunday evening on the Fox News Channel.

Steven continued his rounds at 5 p.m. with an appearance on SiriusXM NFL radio where he talked about his future and free agency.

S-Jax’s tour of Manhattan continued into the evening when he joined Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn of Bloomberg Radio on “The Hays Advantage.”

As nightfall struck, Steven showed no signs of stopping as he checked in with Bleacher Report on the streets of NYC.

That was the end of Steven’s Manhattan, NY media tour. But on Tuesday, he’ll be in Bristol, Connecticut for appearances on ESPN’s SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, a live chat on and a co-hosting gig on NFL Live at 4 p.m. EST!