Steven Jackson is loyal to Las Vegas, because Las Vegas has always been loyal to him.

SJ39 takes pride in his roots and lets it be known whenever he can. Very few have cut a path from Vegas to the NFL, but Steven is hopeful his path is one that others can follow. He recently did an interview with Vegas Seven Magazine about his life on and off the field and what makes him tick.

Among the topics, was S-Jax’s pride in where he came from and why being a Vegas athlete is special to him:

“I wanted to create an open door for the younger generation of kids coming behind me so that they could get full-ride scholarships to top-notch programs and pursue their dreams, not only in sports but education as well. If someone like myself could just knock the door down and be successful at a high level, it would attract more people to give the area a second chance or maybe look a little deeper.”

In addition to talk about his home, Steven answers questions on his foundation’s work with literacy programs, his own struggles as a grade school student, the punishment he’s taken through eight NFL seasons and why he embraces being a role model:

“It’s one of those things where you’re going to be a role model whether you embrace it or not. So having been given this stage, I try and use it as a positive. …I don’t have to be the most popular person in the room, and I don’t assume that everyone should know me. But if there’s that one kid or that one fan that has an interaction with me that lasts a lifetime, I feel that’s my purpose in the universe.”

The wide-ranging interview also hits on topics such as training camp, filmmaking, his love for the arts and reading and his pick for the greatest running back of all-time. He even lets Vegas Seven’s Matt Jacob in on a little secret from his cell phone. But perhaps the most intriguing answer by SJ39 came when Jacob asked him who should be selected No. 1 overall this season in Fantasy Football drafts:

“Me. And the reason I say that is I believe that is because Coach Schottenheimer [new Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer] and Coach Fisher [new Rams head coach Jeff Fisher], they’re very run-first kind of coaches. They’re dedicated to it. They believe in a good defense and a good running game. What we’re doing and what we’re building here in the spring and summer is going to make for a wonderful fall for me.”

To read the entire interview, click here.