In my training for this season, I spent a lot of time in the weight room working on my explosive speed in ways that correlate with football. I definitely feel that I’m more explosive. I feel that my quickness is back. The things that I built up through the month of March are all carrying over to the present. I feel very explosive. I feel like my legs are fresh.

Offseason training has me feeling explosive and fresh for the season.


The running back group here in Atlanta is a lot of fun. From Jacquizz Rodgers to some of the young guys who are learning how the NFL works, it’s a lot of talented guys who are all trying to get better. We’re all trying to push each other. And there’s really no negativity. You can probably say that throughout the roster. Coach Brown does a really good job of explaining the position, making sure that we know what we’re doing before we hit the practice field so that guys can make a good run at making the team.

I’ve known Quizz for a while. I used to go back to Oregon State and watch Quizz when he was actually there. But he and I, and the rest of the group, we bond mostly over wanting to make plays. It’s a healthy competition. One guy goes out there and makes a big play. The next guy goes out and tries to step up his level of play so they can keep up with one another. As the season gets closer, I’m going to take more time to get with these guys and go out for dinner, and things like that. I want to make sure that our unit — as a running back unit — that we take the lead, and set a presence on the football field.


I recently finished up reading a work of fiction, Behind the Beautiful Forevers. It’s kind of like Slumdog Millionaire. It’s set in India and talks about the slums, people trying to make their way out, and their way of life there. It’s a pretty interesting read. I’ve been reading so much non-fiction, so many books that are historical, that I thought, “Let’s try to read something that’s a little more entertaining.” Now I’m reading the Andre Agassi book, “Open.”

In terms of music, I’m stuck on three albums right now: the new Jay Z album, Kanye West’s new one I love, and J. Cole. All are hip-hop. When I do want to mix it up and kind of get away from lyrical content that’s a little heavy, I go with some Calvin Harris so I can start my morning off in a good mood.


My adjustment has been pretty smooth since the spring. I’m loving living in the city of Atlanta. It has a lot to offer. I’ve found my go-tos in terms of some of the restaurants. I’m hoping to buy some tickets to see some live theater as well. I want to really be fully engaged in the community — not only in community outreach, but just in terms of people seeing me around, and knowing that I live here, and I’m not just here for work. I haven’t had a chance to take in the architecture here, but it’s a city that’s really spread out. I’m sure there are hidden gems that — once I’ve gotten out of training camp and have really settled in to my weekly routine — I’ll be able to go and explore more.

As I make this transition, I really appreciate the support from all my friends, family and fans for whatever I do on the field. I know a lot has been said about running backs turning 30. I plan on turning all that doubt into motivation, and proving all the naysayers wrong.