The first six weeks of the season haven’t exactly gone as planned, or met the expectations that we had for ourselves. But the 2013 season is not over, nor are the 2013 Atlanta Falcons done.

Bad luck, you ask? My answer is a resounding NO.

Photo courtesy Atlanta Falcons.

I truly believe that we all go through things at times that seem unfair. However, that’s when I encourage you to be thankful for the circumstance at hand. Often times, people tend to allow these moments to define them, and use them as an excuse for not meeting their goals or aspirations.

That’s not real life!

There is no such thing as a perfect life (one without difficulties) or a perfect season (one without difficulties and challenges to overcome). I encourage you not to lose faith when those times present themselves. Breakthroughs are often actually within reach at that point.

I’m often asked: How do I stay so positive and focus on my goals? I answer that by saying I give thanks for my trials, and face my tribulations with a smile. Each one of us will face a test in life, and sometimes, we even have to revisit an area to see if we have learned from our past mistakes.

Knowing that gives me confidence to say that the tests I face don’t define me, but refine me.

What good is it to achieve your ultimate goal just to have someone say, “I expected that of you or your team?”

But when all things fall apart and everyone loses hope, ask yourself, “What can I do to right the ship?”

Strong leaders respond during difficult times. They give more and do more in order to figure their way out of the situation at hand. Unfortunately, I’ve been in this position before. But that’s why I’m able to have confidence and trust that this is a problem that can be solved.