SJax’s outlook for this Sunday is just like any other: he wants to be on the field. As he told numerous media outlets this week:

“I’m practicing to play, if that tells you anything."

Steven said he would have been operating at only 50 percent if he’d tried to suit up last weekend vs. the Pats, but said his thigh injury has been improving every day this week.

“It’s not 100 percent, but it’s not something that’s unbearable like Sunday where I wouldn’t be able to be myself out there…So we felt taking a week off would probably be the best thing for the rest of the season.”

No. 39 is trying to save his best efforts for this Sunday, and is trying to take it easy throughout the week.

“The test is Sunday…You don’t know if you go too hard on Friday, would it tweak it and frustrate things. “If I had to tweak it, I’d rather tweak it in the game.”

Being sidelined by injuries is a frustrating occurrence for any athlete, and SJax related that fact on Thursday.

“It’s very frustrating to sit out any time, especially a close game like that where you never know if I could have been the difference-maker."

When he has no choice but to sit, however, Steven remains supportive of all his teammates and replacements.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if I’m not 100 percent, whatever we decide to do as a unit, my backups and the guys surrounding me on offense can pick up the slack.”

At this point, Steven is ‘50-50’ for Sunday, and has had a limited role in practice throughout the week. Coach Jim Haslett was guarded about SJ’s availability, saying “I think he’s going to be a game-time decision,” but added, “I know he feels a lot better.”

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