For the first time in his NFL career, Steven Jackson will be donning a new jersey in a new city.

Falcons fans, get to know your new running back, SJ39.


The first thing you should know about Steven Jackson is that he will leave it all on the field for your franchise. Over the course of the last eight seasons, SJ has missed just 11 games, despite carrying the ball more than 2,200 times during that span.

During the 2010 season, we produced a “A Week in the Life With Steven Jackson,” one of five worldwide nominees for the 2011 Webby Awards for Best Sports Video. Cameras shadowed SJ39 for an entire week between a game against the 49ers in San Francisco and, ironically enough, a game against the Atlanta Falcons in St. Louis.

The documentary provides an exclusive look into what it takes for a NFL player like Steven to prepare from week-to-week during the season, and just how much work SJ39 puts into maintaining his body for the 16-week grind. It will give you a sense of how his teammates, coaches and former franchise felt about him, and the intangible qualities that have made him one of the most respected veterans in the NFL.

We also went behind the scenes during the 2009 offseason, exploring his training regimen and life off the field in a documentary film series called “In the Life.” This four-part series gives you an inside look at Steven’s life off the field and a glimpse at what makes him tick. The first episode is below.
As one of the only NFL players from Las Vegas, Steven is very proud of his roots and pays tribute to them with a special celebration every time he scores a touchdown. Watch him explain it below:


Though he is a focused combatant on the field, when Steven isn’t playing football he has some diverse off the field pursuits.

Among them are passions for architecture, which he majored in during college, and fashion, which earned him an internship at Nike two offseasons ago. The unique opportunity allowed SJ39 to combine two of his passions; football and fashion, as he wrote in a blog entry. His style was also featured on MTV.

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SJ believes that the proper attire can help a person make a strong impression of elegance and power, as long as your clothes don’t do all the speaking for you.

“Fashion drives me, because, one, we all have first impressions when we meet a person. Clothes really can be an art. They can actually hug the body and move in motion to make someone look so elegant and bring about power and respect, without saying a word. But I also believe fashion shouldn’t be done to over the top or too busy, but you should allow the person speak to what they’re wearing and not allow their clothes to speak for them.”


As intense as Steven is on the gridiron, he likes to keep it loose off the field and during a video series when this website debuted, he showed some unique comedic chops.


SJ isn’t one to just sit at home during his down time.

This past offseason alone he enjoyed a trip that took him to Prague, Thailand and Laos.

In the past, he’s also made trips to South Africa, South America and London. On his various excursions, Steven has encountered some of the wonders of the world and gained a unique perspective on life on other parts of the globe.

In my short amount of time on this earth, I’ve been able to see a lot, even compared to what my father has seen and he’s been to war. To take in all the different cultures and see all these areas of the world, it has allowed me to understand not only how different they all are, but also how much truly alike they are. It makes you have a much broader appreciation for mankind. A lot of people think that because you speak a different language or you look a different way, you are different. But you’d be really surprised to learn how much we all have in common. That’s the lesson I’ve taken from all of my experiences. You can go into someplace with preconceived thoughts and try to prepare yourself based on expectations of how people may receive you. But once you get there, the experience is always very unique because it’s your very own. Just like you’re intrigued by a particular area that you’re traveling to, or the particular people that you meet, they’re just as intrigued by you because a lot of times they haven’t had the means to travel. So you’re actually a representation and an extension of your own culture, what America is and who we are here. There’s a give and take in the relationship when you’re travelling. Not only do you become a little bit smarter, but you can actually enlighten others as well.


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