SJax racked up 128 all-purpose yards Sunday, but it wasn’t enough to keep St. Louis from suffering a 37-13 road loss to Seattle.

Steven led the team in both rushing and receiving, recording 66 yards on 23 carries, and 62 yards on five receptions. No. 39 inched ever closer to his first touchdown of the year, breaking another long run that almost went for six.

No. 39 dives on a loose ball against Seattle (courtesy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch.)

After the Rams aerial attack struggled for the third straight week, coach Scott Linehan announced that Marc Bulger would be benched, and that 38 year-old Trent Green would start again Buffalo.

It was a decision that Steven disagreed with. During KLOU’s “Rolling the Dice” radio show, SJax said that Bulger’s benching was “the wrong decision.”

“He’s our general,” said Jackson, who then pointed out that you don’t pay someone ”$60-something million” and then sit him on the bench.


He added that “I’m not the only one who feels this way.”

No. 39’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by Bulger, who praised him teammate.

“Steven is an outspoken guy, he’s going to say what he feels,’’ Bulger said. “He’s a good friend. And, just like anyone else, if you’re good friends, you’re going to stand up for people. I don’t think he meant anything by it. I don’t think it was anything against Trent or Coach Linehan, it was just an emotion that he said. I’m glad he stood up for me, but at the same time, I’m sure he didn’t want all the attention that came from it.’’


S-Jax said he has no ill will toward 38-year-old Trent Green, Bulger’s replacement, but was concerned about the potential damage the benching would inflict upon the team.

Expect No. 39 to get the lion’s share of the touches on Sunday against Buffalo.

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