Vila Castela, a residence in Nova Lima, Brazil, is the sort of modern home that makes you stop and look for a while.

Steven came across the building on, one of his favorite architecture websites.

“I like the sleek edges,” he said, “and the beautiful way that the designer took advantage of the views. The way it helps showcase the landscape really stands out to me.”

Anastasia Architects described the project as follows:

Built in a sloped site (30 degrees) in the city of Nova Lima, Brazil, the house uses dramatic cantilevers to emphasize the extremity of its position…We have chosen this concept not only for aesthetic reasons, but above all to reduce the interference of the building mass in the topography, keeping the site as natural as possible…This project was based on four main concepts: little interference in the site, better use of natural resources, integration to the surroundings, and a generous urban presence.

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