Video of Steven Jackson ready to kick off his live tweeting of the Rams vs. 49ers game. 

Steven Jackson is prepared, watching the CBS pregame show ready to dissect the Rams Week 17 game. 

As the 49ers have already scored two touchdowns on their first two drives, the ensuing Rams possession is still ongoing due to the roughing the passer call. Steven Jackson challenges the Rams to see if they can take advantage of the new set of downs.

The Rams have missed a huge opportunity for a momentum-changing play.

A flashback to his playing days, a Week 17 game with no playoff implications could seem to be a doozy to most fans. Steven Jackson proclaims that those are “some of the hardest games” he has ever had to play in. 

Punters getting some love too! Johnny Hekker is not only a fantastic punter, he is always making big plays when it comes to the special teams and their ability to execute fake punts.

A gruesome hit from Blake Countess took Marquise Goodwin out of the game entirely with a nasty looking concussion. Those kind of hits can be worrisome and the NFL is trying to eliminate those brutal collisions. Prayers are sent out to the Goodwin family!

A little shout out for Carlos Hyde, an Ohio State alum who has a knack for running through contact.

These tweets can be grouped together as ball security is the usually the deciding factor in most ball games. Ball security was a major issue with both teams as there were multiple fumbles and turnovers. Steven Jackson added a little holiday spin to the tweet as well.

Precision passing is what all NFL teams are looking for from their quarterbacks and Sean Mannion delivers a dime.

As halftime approaches, Steven Jackson is ready for both teams to make adjustments and come out stronger for the second half.

The Rams have been suppressed to their own territory for most of the game resulting in the lopsided score favoring the 49ers, 20-6.

He gets up for one second and the 49ers waltzed into the end zone!

There should always be positive film for the opponents to observe every week no matter who is out on the field playing for the team. The Rams are postseason bound and are facing the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. They needed a clean Week 17 and a clean week of practice. The postseason starts any day now!

Lance Dunbar runs in for the 8 yard score with a nice read option look.

This football Sunday wraps up with a 34-13 49ers win over the Rams. Steven Jackson provided us with some great insight and some great content.

The game was lopsided for the most part as the Rams rested their starters in Week 17 to prepare for the playoffs. The 49ers looked every part of a resurgent team this year winning their last five games of the season. This game shouldn’t be portrayed as a doozy because we were able to see future talents that could be a staple of the NFL for years to come.