Visitors to, the web site of St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson, will find a special treat greeting them to start 2011.

Steven's three-part web series, "A Week in the Life With Steven Jackson," debuts this weekend as No. 39 and the Rams prepare for their divisional title showdown with the Seattle Seahawks. 

Fans can watch online exclusively at

The series will air subsequently on the web sites of the St. Louis Rams and National Football League.

“I wanted to give fans of the NFL a chance to see what a week of a season is really like,” said Jackson, one of the series’ executive producers. “It’s a story no one’s ever told, and I wanted to be the one to tell it.”

Filmed during Week 11 of the current NFL season, “A Week in the Life” showcases Jackson on and off the field from one Sunday to the next, chronicling how he and the Rams recover from a heartbreaking loss to the San Francisco 49ers, and prepare for a showdown with the NFC leading Atlanta Falcons. The three episodes — "Recovery," "Reunion" and "Gameday" — provide an intimate look into the life of one of the NFL’s premier players in the thick of a season, showing never before seen details about Jackson’s recovery and rehabilitation, his relationships with teammates and coaches, moments with family, and more. It is a story of struggle and survival; of solitude and togetherness; of frustration and hope; and ultimately, for Steven Jackson, of faith.

“Steven and the Rams gave us unprecedented access,” said David Neiman, president of Athlete Interactive and co-executive producer of the series. “The result is one of the most intimate, personal looks into NFL life that’s ever been shown before.”

“A Week in the Life With Steven Jackson” is a co-production of Shock N Awe and Athlete Interactive. (Total running time: 32 minutes.)