Much like the winner of Steven's gold cleats in his Madden highlights contest, the first winners of the SJ39 ArchiTix Contest proved that SJ39 and the St. Louis Rams have worldwide appeal.

Aerin Heisz, 31, of Barrie, Ontario, Canada was the Week 1 winner of the contest and was able to send her husband Chris, a 36-year-old registered nurse, and her brother Adam to see the Rams battle the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday.

The selfless Aerin Heisz, who won two tickets to the Rams' opener for her husband, Chris, and brother, Adam (courtesy Aerin Heisz).

While Chris and Adam took in the game from Steven’s seats, Aerin and her two sons, both huge Rams and S-Jax fans, stayed home and watched the game on TV.

Chris and Adam left Ontario for St. Louis on Saturday and returned after their experience on Monday and Aerin was kind enough to recount their journey:

How did you become a Rams fan?
Chris has been a Rams fan since he was 10 years old and he used to visit his Great Uncle in LA. He became a lifelong fan the team. I have been a Rams fan since meeting Chris about 7 years ago, it was a prerequisite for our relationship and I have gained a great love for football! LOL.

Both of our children are named after former Rams players. Our 3 year old son is Carson "Marshall" Faulkner and our 1 year old is "Everett" Reid Faulkner. I picked these names much to Chris's delight! Tell Steven if we ever have another son, we'll name him Jackson and keep our tradition going!

How and why are you a fan of Steven Jackson's? Did you know about Steven's interest in architecture and what did you think of it?
When I asked Chris this question he looked at me as if to ask if I was serious? LOL Don't get me wrong, I know the obvious answers to this question. Chris's reply was "Are you kidding me? The guy is a machine, a beast. Anyone that size, with that kind of power and that kind of speed deserves to be admired. Not one person out there can deny that SJax is one of the best RB's of all time. Period."

My reasons for being a Steven Jackson fan are all of those things and more. I love that Steven reaches out to his fans through Twitter and Facebook, he has given us a glimpse into his personal life through his tweets and blog entries on his website. We all love the game and we love the Rams but to see a player as more of a human being, to see the man behind the athlete, it gives you a different level of appreciation for what they are doing out there on the field every week.

Prior to the contest we didn't know about Steven's interest in architecture and I thought it was a great idea to feature local St. Louis landmarks as the topic of his ArchiTix contest. We will be traveling with our 3 year old son to another game in October and plan on visiting a few of the places he has mentioned in the contest. His love of architecture is one of the many things we have learned about him from visiting his website and following him on Twitter.

What did it mean to you to win the ArchiTix contest?
It was unbelievable for me to win the contest! I have never won anything! It was the chance of a lifetime to be able to send my man, to see his teams home opener, a gift I would not have been able to give him otherwise! And it means that he will never be able to say another word about me being on the internet!

More photos from the game:

Chris, sporting his No. 39 jersey, with the Arch (an answer to one of Week 1's questions) in the background (courtesy Aerin Heisz).

Chris and Adam at the game (courtesy of Aerin Heisz).

The view from Steven's seats. No. 39 is visible in the middle left (courtesy of Aerin Heisz).