Steven Jackson rushed for more than 100 yards for the seventh time this season, piling up 112 rushing yards on a stingy Bears defense. The Bears kept S-Jax out of the end zone though, and defeated the Rams, 17-9. Steven's efforts didn't go without recognition as his Twitter followers continued to show their Tweet love for No. 39 and all that he does.

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!


caNjura: @sj39 good game yesterday, again. How come there's no SJax talk about MVP? u've done more for the Rams than anyone else for any other team.

mapdoc: @sj39 I salute u man 4 putting it all on the line every week in a tough situation – Blessings!

TrojAnthony: @sj39 Watching u run is an inspiration to those in tough situations. Hang in there! Stay positive & trust the Lord will guide u & the team.

mikestoff: @sj39 Mr. Jackson I just want to say great job for putting your head down and just playing hard It will come. It will come

ChicagoRocker: @sj39 Despite the score, thanks again for your display of heart and desire. You continue to make Ram fans proud on & off the field.

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

SlimIcy: @sj39 You sir are a beast. Much respect from New England.

bruthereli: Rams lost, @sj39 still the best IMO, get'em next week…GO FIGHT WIN

ag324: @sj39 Good game against the Bears SJ, your D hung tough in there. 2 best RB's in the game meet next week ( SJ vs. CJ )

TeemonAmiri: @sj39 dude Sjax you have so much damn heart and I need to let you know that

Deontktheking: @sj39 ur like the sickest running back ever

KKing4prez: @sj39 great game SJax! One of these days ull get some help out STL!

newsomk: @sj39 good game yesterday I know you all are trying your best I still have you guys back

NoToriUsBGB: @sj39 Hope your back is not that bad..despite it you played nice Yesterday

le_seus: @sj39 was watching the game with my fam (all bears fans & me 9ers fan). We all agreed ur best rb in league hands down.

thebrewz23: @sj39 You had a great game yesterday, despite the loss. Hope the healing process goes well!

onekainen: @sj39 Another stellar performance by the BEST RB in the whole NFL today! Much admire your tenacity Sir. Sorry 4 the loss. God bless you!

TimothyMBarnes: @sj39 keep runnin hard my man…the night is always darkest just before the dawn. #xxxiv

The_Prodigy_09: @kaylacollins @sj39 You da man Steven Jackson!! Hopefully with a couple of big games down the stretch U can catch Chris Johnson! Good luck!

neogreo: @sj39 Thank you so much for continuing to play hard this year!