Steven Jackson played through the pain of back spasms on Sunday, accounting for 116 yards and scoring a touchdown in his fourth straight game. But the Seattle Seahawks were just too much for the Rams to handle, and St. Louis fell, 27-17, on Sunday afternoon.

After the game, No. 39's fans used Twitter to wish his ailing back well and thank him for his efforts.

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!


onekainen: @sj39 You're one of the best in the game. Hold your head high because you leave it all out on the field every game. God bless you!

TeK7: @sj39 thank you for continuing to play hard through injury this week, you're a warrior!

jordansaylor: @sj39 is the KG of the NFL. Always true to his teamates and works harder than any1 else. He'll get his someday bc of his work ethic.

markklein1: @sj39 SJ Thx alot 4 throwing me ure glove @ the game today u got one hell of a heart & ure a true warior ppreciate all u do for STL football

MarizoeGirl: @sj39 Way to play hard through your pain SJ- prayers still headin your way!!

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

Batz3: @sj39 you are still going out and doing your part and might i say you are a beast!!

theenegrodamus: @sj39 you're a good man takin the loss despite your great individual talent. You're a great role model! I know that's small consolation…

JenGustin: @sj39 sj you tried hard and ran like a freakin beast…that's what counts!

stevonstweets: @sj39 You produce every single game, my man!!! Despite your teams record, you are an MVP in my book!!! Thank You!!!

Jrock3369: @sj39 keep on playin hard, u are a beast

gysgtgitmo: @sj39 good game hard loss. A man is measured by his actions in the face of adversity.

JTMONEY1967: @sj39 I know it's tough, but you do the best you can, and if you gave 110% and you earned your check (and u did) then it's all u can do.

bfredhockey: @sj39 the way you play inspires me you have so much heart keep playin like you do

Patr1ckL: @sj39 Great job out there today. I hope the back is feeling better this week.

AdamRonis: @sj39 Way to be tough out there today, It is appreciated. Real fans know you're one of the elite backs in the NFL.

GloryMaria: @sj39 hope your back get's better soon.. U r very strong person.. mind, body, an soul. u will get thew this!

DirrtyD23: @sj39 don't let the season get you down bruh. You've got a good mix of young talent there. A few more pieces will turn it around next year!

ROubre: @sj39 It amazes me how athletes can play through pain. Rest and recover. Pull for the Saints tonight!

Costlofobic: @sj39 keep up the good work man I love ur humbleness in these hard times for the Rams!

heykim: @sj39 hey steven! how you doin? ya looked GREAT against my #seahawks the other day! NO QUIT in you! 😉