On Sunday, Steven broke the 1,000-yard mark for the fifth straight season, and the 100-yard mark for the fourth straight game.

The Rams fell 21-13 at the hands of the division leading Arizona Cardinals, but fans of SJ39 took to Twitter to congratulate him on his rare accomplishment and on a job well done.

As they have each week this season, the editors at www.SJ39.com are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from www.SJ39.com!

mnm706: @sj39 Congrats on 5th year of over 1,000yds!! Privileged to be in the crowd today to watch. Pleasure to watch every week. Keep the faith!!!!

joshinman23: @sj39 great game today man. Was at the dome to see ya tear it up, get some rest bro. God bless

nubnquencandice: @sj39 I love it! U r 2 of the most inspirational men in the NFL! You are very strong in your Faith and not afraid to share it! U inspire Me!

jrowell2323: @sj39 heck of a job today mr jackson….you play with heart every down and it shows! Keep pushin!!

RobertRoque: @sj39 you played your heart out today. You gained respect and a new fan. Keep doing what you doing!

And because No. 39's Oregon State Beavers climbed even higher this week, to No. 16 in the BCS Top 25 this week, we also selected 16 additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

fanofcards29: @sj39 congrats on another 1000 yards 5 years in a row!!

TeK7: Congrats to @sj39 for getting his fifth straight 1000+ rushing yards season

SteveKlinesBird: @SJ39 5x 1,000. still running hard

ZoomZoomJ88: @sj39 Congrats on going 1,000+ for 5 straight seasons. Way to enter the Rams record books!

SteveBeingSteve: Loving football this weekend, shout out to @sj39, who gains that 1000 yds again this season!

funnyraymond: @sj39 tough loss bro.. you were great out there, electrifying, elusive, what more can i say?? lol.. overall you were amazing

OWANESIAN_49ers: @sj39 dude you played great today with your 4th straight 100yd game..one hell of a player with tremendous class..got alot respect 4 ya bro

The_Prodigy_09: @sj39 Hey Mr. Jackson, great effort today….you and your boys came close, next time. Good luck next week against the Seahawks.

RioGrande87: Keep doing your thing @sj39 you're killing it on a weekly basis!!

MDSuperDupe: @sj39 U r a man among boys.Uve been tearin it up week after week.Congrats on that first win.I know w the talent in STL u have more to come

Church_14Fan: @sj39 Congrats on another 1,000 yard season SJax!

onekainen: @sj39 Once again, a stellar performance frm a great RB. It's amazing & admirable how hard U work. Congratulations on your game. God bless

carter2985: @sj39 Great game SJ. Once again you all played with a lot of heart and showed no matter what, you don't give up. Big ups to the whole team.

gerbyman31: @sj39 congrats on another 1000 yard season! people need to realize that you are doing this on a bad team which makes you one of the best!

Vegas_Matty: @sj39 Congrats on that fine accomplishment. You've made Vegas proud.

BigDaddyBuddha: @sj39 Thanks for being the one Rams' highlight this year. It was tough loss but you guys kept it close. Closer than some thought you would.

And ups from a special fan, teammate Keenan Burton:

KeenanBurton: @sj39 Bruh you know im blessed watched you get active sunday like always. Your play motivates me Big Bruh!