After seven long weeks, Steven Jackson finally got into the end zone on Sunday for the game-winning score as the St. Louis Rams picked up their first win in over a year, 17-10, in Detroit.

In the aftermath of SJ39's dominant performance, his fans congratulated him on Twitter and offered more support to keep No. 39 rolling. More than 350 tweets have been posted to Steven since the win from his loyal fan base.

SJ responded to the outpouring of support with gratitude:

"Tweet Fam, what's good?!!!!! Thx u all for the supportive words. It means a lot to me too see, the love u guys have. It feels great to win!"

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!


Kremerjim: @sj39 – Build it, they will come! St. Louis Rams officially under construction! Awesome job today Rams and #39! My house was jammin'!

Patrick_Donohue: @sj39 There's not a back in the league right now that runs as hard on every single carry as you do. It's something to watch.

FrankieMustari: @sj39 Sick game Steven. Great day to be a fan. Amazing, tough running. Proud to call myself a fan. Keep it up man.

stevenjaxnfan39: @sj39 All the rams fans and I would just like to thank you for staying wit us and bein happy that ur part of the team during the rough times

jbscribbles: @sj39 awesome game today. can't wait until the team improves enough that you can be showcased as the best back in the league. no doubt u r.

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

bradleysabin: @sj39 yo good game bro. im loving the way you are representing st. louis right now. roll them dice baby! love it. beast-mode.

PeterDunbar: @sj39 – Congratulations – You are a BEAST.. and that's an understatement. Totally speechless at your performance today. RAM FANS THANK YOU !

aarontdowdall If an MVP can be awarded to a player on a non-contender… @sj39 is the mid-season winner, hands down.

STLcst: @sj39 Great game SJ! You are a beast out there. Your attitude and effort are a great example to all of us.

DWrek5: @sj39 probably should have been the one to get the Gatorade shower. Congrats to the #Rams! Keep em comin!

cartermu3: @sj39 Way to carry the load today. Hard work and heart shown by you and the boys to get the victory. Feels Great. Enjoy the bye week!

VegasAcuraMan: @sj39 congrats today SJ! Las Vegas Ram fans appreciate you and all you do! You are the man

gs1991: @sj39 You are 1 special dude! You willed the Rams to victory. Man, you bring it every week! I respect that. Congrats & enjoy ur bye week!

greghaines09: @sj39 great game and win Steven Jackson!! im such a proud Rams fan!! you played great!! and you have the biggest heart in the NFL. GO Rams!

eugenemanalo: @sj39 great game, sjax! Still lots of work to do, but you guys are headed in the right direction. Cherish the win & let it feed da hunger!

theramsfan39: @sj39 I know it takes a team to win, however if it was not for you running so determined we would not of made it in the W column. Go rams!

infemousss: @sj39 you are most certainly the best back in the league, and whats more, the most stylish. You Want To Ram With Me? "gimme some more"

SJax39_Fan: @sj39 You are truly a leader and a beast! Amazing game today.Undoubtedly put the team on your back and brought them to a W.You are my hero!

eatmycereal: @sj39 The NFL needs more players like you. Keep up the good work and good attitude. It's appreciated.

jhadleyconrad: @sj39 Just so you know….we've been with you win or lose. You got lots of props today from fb peeps on tv before and after the game!!!

MFSuperman28: @sj39 i love you. that was a great emotional end. Never quit, use the bye week to your advantage to learn and grow. let's go get 2 W's

TreFrantz: @sj39 good game i swear u made my day 2dat wit da 140 yds n da 4th quarter TD keep doin ya thing u makin me n n i kno other rams fans proud