Steven posted his strongest performance of the season on Sunday, rushing for 134 yards against a tough and undefeated Indianapolis Colts defense. No. 39 showed his heart and following the game, his fans showed him their love on Twitter.

As they have each week this season, the editors at are highlighting the best tweets sent to Steven after the game, including the top five, who get their Twitter accounts linked from!


caNjura @SJ39 <– best RB in the league. Teams stack 8 and 9 in the box and he gets 100 yards week in and week out.. man among boiz out therrre.

sportsguymike @sj39 SJ I watched the gamed you willed your team, but you cannot do it all. Keep putting in the work, it will pay off

VegasAcuraMan RT @sj39: Tough loss..<~~Yeah but as always, you were our hero. Thank you for the effort! From all us die hard fans..

j_mill_13 @sj39…keep truckin man. Rams fans are behind you and the team 100%. its been rough but we know bright times are ahead. God Bless

CGI_Ram @sj39 you sure are fun to watch, SJ. I see heart with this team and most players. I wear my Rams gear w/pride. Wins will come!

Here were a number of additional tweets that received honorable mentions:

RevKeithVessell @sj39 you had an increble game though. Enjoy watching you be the leader. God bless.

CerebralHulsey @sj39 you played your heart out today…win or lose, I'm glad your on my team!

xCKxKAPnKRUNCHx @sj39 its all good bro, we got the lions!!! your still the man!! Ram fan till the end!! only ram fan left in LA! hang in there 39!!

TBridgethegreat @sj39 good game today you're why I'm still a rams fan. Still gives me that hope.

joshinman23 @sj39 way to fight hard today, man. Keep those spirits up. You guys have the heart

funnyraymond @sj39 hey bro amazing game.. 23 rushes 134 yards.. baller status haha! tough loss though.. i know you gonna bounce back! i believin in you

just_lewis @sj39 … tried your best … keep doing the right things often enough and the results will come.

onekainen @sj39 Hang in there, SJ. Keep working, it will pay off eventually! Keep the faith! All good things come to those who wait! God bless you.

QueDential3 @sj39 keep y'all heads up! And go get the Lions next week! You had a good game to day!

theramsfan39 @sj39 I really appreciate you being on the Rams. The effort and passion you bring on the field is incredible us fans can see it, thank you!

srlever @sj39 the hardest worker in football. One of these days it has got to pay off. Another inspiring effort from #39 despite a rough loss.

MFSuperman28 @sj39 tough loss is right. You still doing your thing out there, keep defenders missing. That was one of your best games. Smooth like butter

aarontdowdall @sj39 keep plugging away sj. you guys still get much respect when you play a hard 4 quarters…StL & MO need somebody to pick us up!

patycake15 @sj39 hang in there, sj! I know it wasn't a W in the end but you put up your best game this season!

lurchy39 @sj39 You ran like a champion again man. You give rams nation hope keep yer head up!