As Steven Jackson and the Rams head to the Emerald City for this weekend's showdown, it's no secret who the Seahawks are going to have to stop.

Ready to run (AP).

In the Oregonian, Aaron Fentress looks at Steven as the focal point of the rewired Rams offense and quotes Seattle coach Jim Mora Jr. on trying to stop No. 39:

“What would force us to put eight guys in the box is number 39 (Steven Jackson),” Mora told reporters Wednesday. “He is an outstanding runner, and Steve Spagnuolo has made it known that they want to play a power football game. They’ve got a runner in Steven Jackson that can do those things.”

S-Jax, though, spreads credit around and thinks that if the Seahawks stack it up too much to stop him, they will get burned by the Rams passing game.

“We have some dynamic playmakers other than myself, and we want to keep the defense honest,” Jackson said. “With that being said, we need to be productive on the ground to open things up in the passing game.”

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The final chapter of Steven Jackson’s “In the Life” series debuted on today. If you haven’t yet checked it out, see it here.

"In the Life With Steven Jackson" has received rave reviews from Rams fans and Steven promoted it on ESPN this week. USA Today has also picked up on the trend and had a few questions for Steven regarding it.

On the site’s Game Time sports buzz blog, Jarrett Bell files a post regarding Steven’s foray into the multimedia realm:

“In the Life with Steven Jackson, shot this summer, is more video resume than reality TV. At roughly eight minutes each, the episodes showcase Jackson’s artistic flair, his background and behind-the-scenes grunt work.”

As S-Jax tells Bell, "In the Life' is just another way to show fans the real No. 39:

“It’s growth, using technology,” he says. “We’ve got helmets on when we play. How do you separate yourself for endorsements and life after football? I’m old school. I appreciate that I play in a team sport. But everyone wants to have a face.”

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While Steven looks to tee off on the Seattle defense this weekend, his alma mater will be looking to run their record up to 2-0 in No. 39’s hometown of Las Vegas against UNLV.

Paul Buker of the Oregonian took a look yesterday at Oregon State’s recruiting efforts in Sin City, where they found S-Jax and hope to strike recruiting gold again.

With the Seahawks on the slate, Steven’s stock has risen in fantasy football this week and ESPN has him ranked as their No. 4 running back.

The Pro Football Weekly staff believes the key to Steven having a monster first week will be the blocking of fullback Mike Karney.

Meanwhile, Turf Show Times, the SB nations Rams Blog, previews Steven’s imminent showdown with Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry as its Week 1 Matchup to Watch.

The Rams and Seahawks get the season started at 3:15 CST Sunday afternoon on FOX.

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