St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson's four-part web series, "In the Life With Steven Jackson," has been a smashing success through its first episodes. Just ask the folks who follow Steven on Twitter.

With Episode 4 set to premiere tomorrow at, here’s a look at what fans have been saying about the inside look at No. 39.

jvick40s @sj39 I absolutely luv ur reality webisodes. I wud watch ur reality show over T.O and Ocho any day. Ur the greatest!

D1sLyfe @sj39 i have really enjoyed your webisodes. they have inspired me to keep pushin towards my dream and workin hard.

jrowell2323 @sj39 loving the inthelife series…good to see you doing great things and being a great role model for kids….definetly an inspiration!!!

itspatorpj @sj39 just watched first 2 episodes of in the life w/ steven jackson. awesome so far.startin start next episdode

esmuyguapo: go watch "In the Life" you’ll appreciate @sj39 like i do. he’s an incredible man and mentor.

NiqueJackson8 fina watch @sj39 Its nice yall u shuld go check it out,ima big fan of Steven Jackson tho

mnm706 Check out – GREAT inside look @sj39 – never knew how multi-talented he was

CallOnColin @sj39 Love the episodes. My favorite’s #2. I remember being in the stands watchin all those mean stiff arms. Rip up the NFL this year.

SaddiSundiata Just finished watching “In the Life With Steven Jackson:Episode 2” Watching Episode 3 now…big ups to @sj39, all football fans should watch

AndrePeterkin @sj39 When is the 3rd episode out SJax? I have converted rugby playing friends to football off the back of 1&2!!

MooseDiesel81 This is a reLly good webisode on my boy Steven Jackson! Check it out! RT @sj39:×3 : episode 2 “in the life” online.

StullySTL @sj39 has the second edition of his “In the Life” up and online—must watch viewing for any Rams fan.

ottoman89 @sj39 Excellent video! I hope you make it into a purchasable DVD. I’d be the first to buy it!

bekurcz If you do anything online today, go to see SJax’ ( sj39 )offseason documentary

AndrewJ0nes @sj39 series is awesome man.I really respect the amount of work you put in to your career good luck this season you will be at top like 06!

UCLAX14 @sj39 yo steven just saw Ep 2…Awesome man, very inspiring. Cant wait for the next one and to see you kill it this season…GO RAMS!!

lurchy39 Really enjoying @sj39 In the life. Good insight to how SJ39 became great and how he is working to be greater

JonesOnTheNBA check out this series on Steven Jackson’s official website. great work by @athleteint

SBRadio “In the Life with Steven Jackson” is very well done. Shows how an athlete can enhance his/her brand –